Carpentry & Building

Roof Construction:
(any shape, any style)

In the age of engineered trusses, pitching a timber roof is a bit of a lost art.

There is not a lot of call for hand cut rooves these days, but sometimes it is the best solution, for example:

  • an open cathedral ceiling
  • cutting in or modifying dormer windows
  • complex, unusual or architectural designs
  • modifying or extending an existing pitched roof
  • roof designs where rafters are visible
  • heritage work

No matter what shape or style, we can make it happen.

Did you know?

Adding how water systems and solar panels to roof areas can add substantial load to these structures. Many older buildings have roof members that are already undersized, and addition of large loads to them is not ideal. This can be addressed through augmentation of roof structure underneath these areas.

Image of the process of buidling a roof

Image of the process of buidling a roof

Structural Work

Whether you want a single opening in a wall, or have some "heavy duty" structural modifications in mind- we can sort it out.

There is nearly always a solution to every building challenge- it is just that some are more involved than others (this usually always means more expensive too, by the way).

Over the years we have built, repaired, fixed and modified so many bits of buildings of all shapes and styles. We enjoy the challenge, and are always keen to find a way to make it work. This includes:

  • repairing sunken floors
  • assessing and remediating excess movement
  • Modifying major structual elements (beams, bearers, footings, etc)
  • replacing rotten or failed structural components

Steel, concrete, timber or composite construction- it’s not a problem.

We work closely with engineers/designers to find an innovative and compliant way to get a result that you are not likely to get with another builder.

Did you know?

Did you know? Minor movement is a natural part of many buildings, and is allowed for in the design and construction of modern buildings. Small cracks (less than a few mm) in concrete, bricks and plaster are not uncommon, and from an engineering perspective are classed as minor or cosmetic only.

Structural modifications to open kitchen area to yard

Carpentry & Maintenance

Man working on a carpentry job

The carpentry trade is an integral part of many jobs we do.

If it is made out of wood we can probably make, change or fix it:

  • wall, floor and roof framing and modification
  • weatherboard installation, repair, replacement
  • all installation, modifications and repairs to timber doors and windows
  • detailed on-site joinery
  • installation and replacement of timber flooring
  • repairs to fascias, eaves and external joinery
  • designing, making and fitting something a little unusual

Repairs that extend the life of a building or building element make economic sense, environmental sense, and will often keep the character of a building.

We take pride in making repairs and modifications as authentic as they can be.

Did you know?

Tasmanian Oak, the main hardwood group available in Tasmania, is actually a group of three Eucalpyt species (Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus delegatensis and Eucalyptus obliqua), none of which are retricted to Tasmania. The most commonly harvested is E. obliqua,which grows as far north as northern NSW. None of the three are classed as a durable timber for exposed outdoor use.

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