Technical Services

Technical Services

If you need professional written advice on almost any technical building related matter - we can help out.

With a wealth of experience and specialist technical knowledge of building regulations, standards and defects, we can deal with a wide range of matters.

The building process and buildings can be complex and confusing for many people- and we understand that.

In the past this advice has included everything from stabilisation of church bell towers to reports on condensation management in new houses.

Some of the specialist technical matters we can assist with include:

  • advice regarding building defects
  • rectification of illegal/non-compliant works
  • scopes of work
  • written reports for lenders, insurance companies etc
  • complex energy efficiency and condensation matters

The training and updating is ongoing, and we always work to stay at the leading edge of the building industry.

Did you know?

There are dozens of Australian Standards and Construction Codes that apply to all buildings in Australia. These include disability access; building in bushfire prone areas; timber framing specifications; installation of insulation and wet area waterproofing to name a few.

Analysis and rectification

Image of the process of measuring condensation

Condensation is a growing and often hidden problem in Tasmanian homes. It is due in large part to modern energy efficiency measures, which increase the internal temperature of buildings and hence the water vapour inside the house.

There is a huge amount of misinformation around energy efficiency and its sometimes common partner- condensation. Additionally, many businesses will push certain solutions, which may not be best suited to a given situation

There is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to condensation management and thermal efficiency. Only through taking the effort to understand the problem is it possible to find the correct solution.

Ionic Construction is one of the leaders in Australia in the analysis of rectification of condensation. We are also working with experts in the field to develop best practice construction methods to minimise condensation risk.

Did you know?

A "typical family" (4 person) home can generate over 70kg of water vapour each week from breathing, sweating, showers, washing, cooking, clothes dryers etc. If you really want to get your teeth into condensation then look at this.


Recent changes to the National Construction Code require builders, designers and other professionals to mitigate condensation risk in buildings.

Unfortunately, there is little or no guidance in Australian Standards and Codes about how to do this.

For some years we have been working with experts in the field to develop best-practice building techniques which will reduce condensation risk.

Part of this work includes creating a training package through the Master Builders Association. This training is partly funded by the Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board.

This training will be delivered through the Master Builders Association network in Tasmania, and beyond.

The purpose of the training is to upskill builders, tradespeople, designers, engineers etc about managing condensation risk. Included in this will be range of best practice detailing which is being developed with UTAS, suppliers and industry.

Did you know?

One of the main drivers of condensation is more energy efficient housing. More comfortable homes create a bigger difference in temperature and humidity relative to the outside environment. When the difference between hot vs cold and dry vs wet is increased, the risk of condensation will naturally increase.

Image of training session in progress

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