Window Repairs:

When a sash cord breaks, or a window needs re-puttying, or you would like an overhaul of the whole system, we can do it all.

For timber windows we can offer all of the following:

  • replacement of broken sash cords
  • adjustment/replacement of sash weights
  • replacement of spiral balances
  • installation of draft seals into window frames (far better than adhesive seals)
  • re-puttying of glazing
  • installation of modern mechanisms to make windows more functional
  • modification of existing window systems
  • fitting double glazing to existing windows

Did you know?

In most double hung windows (the ones that open up and down), there is a range of acceptable balance between the sash and the cast iron weights inside the "pocket"

Changing the glass in the windows (even by a few millimteres thickness) can upset this balance- meaning windows won’t stay open.

If you are having glass replaced, make sure it is the same thickness as the original (often 3mm in older windows- check with current regulations). Otherwise weights will need to be changed.

Image of the process of fixing a windows on an old cottage

Window Repairs:

Timber windows are wonderful things- attractive, full of character and energy efficient*. However, maintenance and repair issues increase with exposure and age – especially on the north face of buildings.

Once water gets in and rot starts, unless the repair is done in a manner that keeps the water out in the long term, it is only a temporary fix.

"Builders bog" does not penetrate and bond very well with timber compared to epoxy based products. Differential expansion of the bog and timber can result in small fissures where more water can enter, leading to further rot.

If the rot is in a small and isolated area it can be cut out and/or densified and treated. Sometimes whole sections of a window, door or joinery assembly can be cut out and replaced with new timber (sills, frames etc) in situ.

Using marine grade epoxies, these repairs are very strong and watertight and will extend the life of windows more than any other method of repair.

* Poor sealing of old windows to air movement is their main energy efficiency drawback- but this too can be rectified

Did you know?

Epoxy compounds have been used in the marine industry for over fifty years, and are commonly used in composite construction where timber, foam, fibreglass and other materials are used side-by-side in yachts, power boats, surfboards, windsurfers, kayaks and so on.

Image of the process of fixing damaged window frames
Image of the process of fixing damaged window frames

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